Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Apocalypse Postponed?

I can't tell from my vantage point. Senate.gov says today the first agenda item is to consider a judge for the federal bench (not holding my breath) and the next is, once again:

"Thereafter, resume consideration of the motion to proceed to S.J.Res.1, the Marriage Protection Amendment."

So what this probably means is Bill Frist and John Kyl won't be introducing their estate tax repeal today. I think. After work I'll be watching C-SPAN to see, just in case they sneak it in later.

Unlucky for Kyl, perhaps -- his op-ed ran in the USA Today today, predictably and irresponsibly slamming it as a "death tax." Grr.

Bad as that is, on the upside something I never thought I'd see happen happened: The conservative Salt Lake Tribune came out swinging against the repeal:

Despite reams of data that show that the estate tax only touches the top 1 percent of U.S. taxpayers, and despite the fact that the Mom and Pop businesses and family farms of the sort that earn our sympathy simply are not affected by this tax, the repeal has already passed the House and was near approval in the Senate last year before Hurricane Katrina disrupted everything.

If the government took the money and burned it, then one could argue that the tax on estates worth more than $2 million was just punitive class warfare. But because the money pays for things that benefit everyone, the government's 90-year history of taxing the transfer of large pots of money from one generation to the next is both reasonable and fair.

Wow! Reality based in SLC? I'll take it!

On the other hand, the netroots seem to have dropped the ball all of a sudden. Nothing on the front page of DailyKos, nothing at MyDD, and nothing on the front page of FireDogLake. Nothing!

Fiddling while Shrub burns the place down...

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