Monday, June 05, 2006


What a difference a week makes

When I launched this blog in late May, I was afraid no one would notice the Estate Tax until it was gone. Well, tomorrow looks like it may still be the day, unless today's pointless gay baiting bill takes longer to fail.

Now, the (warmongering, Bush-supporting) Washington Post deserves everything the netroots throws at it (see the brilliant Jamison Foser this weekend) but check out conservative columnist Sebastian Mallaby, who makes a conservative argument I think we can agree with about why to save this tax:

If the abolitionists succeed, some other tax will eventually be raised to make up for the lost revenue. So which tax does Congress favor? The income tax, which discourages work? A consumption tax, which hits the poor hardest? The payroll tax, which is both anti-work and anti-poor? Really, which other tax out there is better?

And not a reference of "death tax" in the whole thing! Plus, although hidden behind the NYT's pay wall (no link, sorry) The Shrill One goes to town with it:

Any senator who votes to repeal the estate tax, or votes for a "compromise" that goes most of the way toward repeal, is in effect saying that increasing the wealth of people who are already in line to inherit millions or tens of millions is more important than taking care of fellow citizens who need a helping hand.

Meanwhile, finally the big guns of the progressive blogosphere are getting hip to the subject:

Brad DeLong
Christy "Reddhedd" Smith
The NDN Blog
Main Street USA
Steve Benon
And Ezra Klein and Kevin Drum, who so far have been better on this issue than most.

P.S. And thanks for the mention, eriposte!

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